Decorative Window Film Installations for Home and Business Windows

Want your home or business windows to get the elegant look of frosted or custom glass, but at a fraction of the cost of the real thing? Frosted window film is the solution you are looking for.

An innovative alternative for creating distinctive glass, poly-carbonate and acrylic surfaces, frosted window film is

  • Extremely stylish
  • Very versatile
  • Unbelievably affordable

While frosted window film is installed for aesthetic purposes, it also helps create private spaces.

We, at Epic Tinting assure you of the finest in frosted window film installations by doing your job with the highly reputable Solyx, 3M, and Deco Film Depot window film products.

Decorative Window Film For Conference Room Or Office Privacy

Frosted window film diffuses the light that goes through it, with the result that objects/people on the other side not clearly visible. That is why frosted Solyx, 3M, and Deco Film Depot window film is perfect for creating workplace privacy.

If you want to get Decorative frosted window film installed for ensuring privacy for your staff, get in touch with us. We install frosted window film for all types of commercial applications. These include installing

  • Decorative window film on conference rooms
  • Decorative window film on glass portion of office partitions
  • Decorative window film on storeroom doors
  • Decorative window film on lunch room doors

When it comes to decorative film there are hundreds of different designs to choose from as well as we can customize pretty much any film with either print or stamping a logo or design out of the film. Let the professionals at Epic Tinting help you with your Decorative Frosted Film needs today. Give us a call at 631-223-TINT (8468) and we will be more than happy to help you. Check out our film selector below to see our full lineup of frost window film as well as designs.

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