Commercial Window Tinting Film Installations

Businesses are always looking to cut costs and boost productivity. One thing that can help them achieve both is commercial window tinting from Epic Tinting. Getting our window films installed in a commercial building makes it significantly more energy-efficient.

At the same time, commercial window tint films lead to a more comfortable working place, which translates into more productive employees.

Want to improve your business’ bottom line through commercial window tinting? Call Epic Tinting, we are authorized dealers for the Major Window Film Brands and long-standing pros at commercial window tint film installation. We can handle all sorts of commercial window tinting film installation jobs, whether for retail stores, offices or other commercial buildings.

You can trust us to

  • Complete commercial window tinting in the shortest possible time
  • Ensure seamless commercial window tinting
  • Carry out commercial window tinting discreetly, without disrupting your business

Commercial Window Tint for Energy Savings and Sun Control

Commercial window tint film installation is a smart solution for sun control with proven benefits, including

  • Energy savings
  • Year-round comfort for building’s occupants
  • Protected interiors

Commercial window tinting can block about 80% of solar heat and 99% of UV radiation. So, commercial window tint film lets sufficient visible light into your building, but keeps out the harmful UV rays.

You can expect your HVAC costs to drop dramatically after we get your commercial window tinting done. Our commercial window tint film prevents sunlight-caused hot spots and helps reduce air conditioning costs in summers. In winters, the commercial window tint retains interior heat and lowers heating costs.

Our commercial window tint film also prevents computer screen glares and fading of furniture/furnishings due to sunlight.

Come to Epic Tinting for quality commercial window tinting done with the best window films on the Market. Call 631-223-8468 (TINT) to discuss your commercial window tint film installation job.

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