Anti-Graffiti Film for Windows, Mirrors & Glass Surfaces

Residential, commercial and public properties everywhere are routinely damaged by senseless graffiti crimes. Epic Tinting offers a pro-active solution to the problem with anti-graffiti film installation.

Anti-graffiti film helps you overcome the nuisance by giving your graphics, windows, mirrors, counter-tops and other glass surfaces a protective covering that shields them from graffiti damage. A product from one of the most reputable names in the window film industry, Our anti-graffiti film can be trusted for delivering outstanding performance. The graffiti control window film:

  • Resists damage from glass-etching solutions
  • Repels attempts at gouging, defacing or destroying graphics/surfaces
  • Resists abrasions and scratches made by sharp objects

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Graffiti Control Window Film for Retail and Commercial Windows

The anti-graffiti film installed by us is perfect for commercial applications. Commercial property and business owners are among the worst-affected victims of vandalism and graffiti crimes. It makes good business sense if they get graffiti control window film installed on the vulnerable glass surfaces.

You too should call us and get your retail store and other commercial windows protected with anti-graffiti film. We assure you of excellent returns from the investment as the

  • Graffiti control window film keeps your business place clean and inviting
  • Anti-graffiti film protects your business from getting a bad image
  • Graffiti control window film protects your property and its value
  • Graffiti control window film saves you from expensive window repairs or replacements

In fact, anti-graffiti film also offers you the benefit of sun control. The graffiti control film blocks 99% of the sun's UV rays to make your commercial place comfortable and protect your merchandise/objects from fading.

Why Choose Us for Anti-Graffiti Window Film Installations?

Anti-Graffiti window film assures your surfaces of the best possible protection from all types of graffiti. The distortion-free, optically clear anti-graffiti film is available in two thicknesses to offer protection from graffiti in low-risk and high-risk situations. Moreover, the graffiti control window film can be easily removed and replaced.

We are the right choice for installing the anti-graffiti film because we

  • Entrust your graffiti control window film installation job only to trained technicians
  • Install graffiti control window film with diligence and attention to detail
  • Focus on ensuring your 100% satisfaction with graffiti control window film installation

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